Studio, Equipment and Darkroom Hire

Hire Charges PDF for download 

Full day rate 9-00am -5-00pm Studio only: £125.00

Half day rate 4 hours Studio only: £75.00

For assisting and or advisory rates please enquire.

Fully equipped small studio 15 x 15 ft  11 ft ceiling for hire.

Bowens Hyper Glide

3 x Profoto 7b generators

4 x Profoto heads

1 x Profoto ring flash

4 x Chimera soft boxes Square oblong and hexaganol (enquire for exact sizes) 

2 x Beauty dishes with 515mm diffusing grids

2 x reflectors wide and telephoto (not zoom)

1 x snoot with filter holder.

5 x wizard wireless units

3 x ‘C stands’

2 x 8 x 4 polystyrene screens white and black.

Black and white colorama back drops

1 x  mottled back drop

Various tripods to take up to 40KGS

Camera equipment and lens (see equipment for hire)

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(can be hired with assistance. Please enquire)

Two enlargers:

Full day rate 9-00am -5-00pm Darkroom only: £80.00

 Half day rate 4 hrs Darkroom only: £50.00

*** Paper not included***

***Chemicals included*** 

 1:Devere 504 Diochromat multigrade head + 35mm, 80mm, 150mm

1: Devere 504 Ilford 500H multigrade head + 35mm, 80mm, 150mm

Negative carrier and masks 35mm, 6 x 6 , 6x 7, 5 x 4 glass mount for 6 x 9, 6 x 12.

Ilford print dryer ILFOLAB 1250RC 

3 x Beard Printing frames 20 x 24 & x 2:16 x 12 inches

Dishes up to 20 x 16inches

Deep tanks and hangers for 5 x 4 sheet film

Paterson light type reel tanks for 35 and 120mm film developing

Marrutt 7ft drying cabinet

***Special arrangements can be made for drying fibre paper***

. A deposit will be required on all equipment;

. Any damage or loss will incur an excess charge;

. Proof of identity and domicile will be mandatory;

. We can deliver to anywhere in the UK. Please inquire for rates;

. Day Hire will be from 8-00am – 5-00pm on the day.

. Weekend end hire from 12noon Friday-9-00am Monday.

. Weekly hire Seven full days;

. Late returns will be charged at half or full day, depending on lateness.

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