The two day work shop that I just did with Ben Edwards exceeded my expectation. Not only did I learn B&W printing from start to finish, but I got a phenomenal insight into the photography industry which is invaluable as a young photographer like myself. We began by going through the important ways of shooting black and white film on a couple of cameras and although one of the more complicated parts of the process, it was all explained in a way that made it accessible. Although I have a bit of experience shooting film, my knowledge was extended and I feel far more comfortable with analogue photography since discussing it with Ben. We then took the film into the dark room and began developing it, which was explained very thoroughly. The dark room was extremely well equipped with very functioning enlargers. It was interesting to see Ben’s office which holds a life time worth of his work, and further helped me understand the process of B&W printing. I never felt rushed through any of the stages, but instead it was all carefully explained to me so that I understood it all comfortably before moving onto the next step. When we had the copies of the preliminary prints, Ben helped me to understand what could be built on them so that I can develop as a printer. I felt Ben was very keen to educate me and share his expansive knowledge of the industry. This made the course very engaging and thorough. I would definitely recommend it to any photographer keen to develop a greater understanding of their own practice, or even anyone relatively new to analogue photography who wants to play around in the darkroom.

Lily, 24, Professional photographer.

Ben Edwards’ intimate courses will open the door to advancement and knowledge that will provide a challenge and a stimulus to people with a serious interest in progressing their photographic achievements.

Roger Phillips. https://www.panmacmillan.com/authors/roger-phillips/mushrooms

Ben is an excellent photographer, teacher, and mentor!

Having met Ben on the MA course Documentary Photography and Photojournalism at the University of Westminster where he was the course Director, I experienced first hand his in-depth knowledge of photography and his flexible teaching approach.
We were a group of diverse photography students on different levels of technical ability with a variety of aesthetic aspirations and everyone managed to improve tremendously through the course.
Ben’s intelligent approach to developing each of us individually without trying to make us all fit certain criteria enabled each of us to take the most from the time we were studying.
His professional, up to date expertise inspired me to dare and made me more skilled and ready for the industry compared to my peers who studied elsewhere. Ben is an amazing teacher, very easy to get along with and has a vast theoretical and practical knowledge.
If you want to take your photography to another level and looking for a mentor Ben Edwards is your man.

Alena Vasilyeva. Documentary Photographer. Alumni MA student University of Westminster.

Ben Edwards, himself an accomplished artist, has the rare gift of understanding the potential in photographers, and in successfully bringing it out. He has a complete understanding of all aspects of photography, ranging from technique to theory and concepts, and is able to explain both in a very lucid, exciting way which helps those working with him to connect with their own vision and style.

Mark Neville. Documentary Photographer. http://www.markneville.com

“Ben provided excellent support and advice while working on my major project for the MA at Westminster University. I also had the opportunity of more personal tutoring with another student , which proved useful in clarifying ideas leading to a clearer, more focused approach to the project.”

Daniel Norwood http://www.djnorwood.com
Alumni MA Documentary Photographer. University of Westminster. London

“Ben Edwards helped me to develop as a photographer, with his insightful guidance I was able to progress creatively to a much higher level.”

Tania Diez Alumni MA Documentary Photographer. University of Westminster. London

“Ben Edwards was the senior lecturer whilst I studied a MA photojournalism at University of Westminster. It was a pleasure to be Ben’s student, learning from his depth of experience whether it be from his years in the industry, or his knowledge of both digital and analog formats. During the course, I found it very easy to get along with Ben as he shares so many of the same passions. Aways happy to talk about his career as a photographer, or his interests in art, music, film and travel – all ingredients for feeding a creative mind”

Sam Mellish. Alumni MA Documentary Photography. University of Westminster


What Ben taught me is huge. I was already a photographer when I started the Photojournalism course and since my photography has changed for the better. . I am more confident at working in portraiture, directing and lighting my subjects He broke me out of my comfort zone and showed me how to create photography that comes from my own beliefs. His feedback was very encouraging which has lead me to being published by The Observer, I Paper, BBC and nominated for many prestigious photography awards.

Denise Felkin alumni MA Documentary Photography. University of Westminster

“During my MA in Photojournalism at the University of Westminster, I was put directly under the guidance of Ben. His years of photographing India had helped build an instant affinity, but he had more to offer. His guidance brought not just photojournalistic or photographic advice, but every now and then he dipped into his history and education as a painter and would make us look at images and representational issues from a broader perspective. He’d always encourage me and others to go to museums and galleries to look at paintings, something I regret ignoring then. But now as my work grows, I keep referring to Ben’s advice and look more and more into paintings, to illustrate the point. I have learnt a lot from him, not just as a photographer but also the importance being a good and helpful man. I try to extend similar gestures and more to my students now in India.

Ben is a very patient teacher, a genuinely kind hearted man and a guide generous in imparting his knowledge, skills and wisdom”.

Sharbendu De. alumni MA Documentary Photography. University of Westminster

“I’m Ben Edward’s former student form MA Documentary Photography & Photojournalism at Westminster University and I would highly recommend to take any course available with Ben, my former course leader who constantly challenged me and my opinions and therefore made me deliver my very best in all work I ever produced while studying at Westminster. Anyone who will be privileged enough to learn from Ben will be certainly experiencing enormous learning curve and will benefit from his extensive experience and vast knowledge, delivered in form of engaging and enthusiastic conversations. To be able to study one on one or in small groups with Ben is a real treat and believe me, you won’t see colour coding, story telling, or read photographs ever again in the same light. Ben is an amazing teacher as well as human being and I feel truly blessed for meeting him and being able to learn from him.”

Blanka Sadilkova Alumni MA Documentary Photography. University of Westminster

“I had the privilege to study my MA in Photojournalism at the University of Westminster with Ben Edwards in 2010/2011. He was not only a critical and thoughtful mentor to develop both my personal projects and the University assignments but also a very supportive person who cared about his students individually. We had an occasion of travelling together for a short trip and it was a fun experience. Since my graduation, I have been in touch with Ben as I visit London and I deeply appreciate his enthusiasm, creativity and genuine approach to life. He is a master not only in the field of photography but arts with a more general meaning.”

Alessandro Rota Alumni MA Documentary Photography. University of Westminster
Web: alessandrorota.com

Ben was the course leader during my time on the MA at Westminster University, he has a great ability to help structure and develop projects with his supportive approach, his knowledge of both photographic theory and technical skills is excellent and passes on his expertise in a fun and accessible manner.

Stephen Burke Alumni MA Documentary Photography. University of Westminster

“ I’ve done my masters’ course on Documentary photography mostly under the supervision of Mr Ben Edwards. He thought me to go beyond what was considered “ a proper subject” for photography and push deep to produce meaningful narratives on my projects. I am grateful that I got to do projects on issues that matter to me. Mr Edwards, mentored me on how to position myself in my projects and enhance my practice. Pain is what motive me to do creative work, tackling the unspoken language of pain wasn’t easy, yet he supported me by all means in visualising feelings,memories, dreams and hopes”

Thana Faroq Alumni MA Documentary Photography. University of Westminster

“I am still a devoted photographer, thanks to your teaching and passion as well”

Gigi Cifali Alumni MA Documentary Photography. University of Westminster

Ellie Parlak. Former student. MA Documentary Photography and Photojournalism. University of Westminster. London.

“I wanted to send this little card, to say thank you for being a wonderful tutor whilst I was a student on the MA Documentary Photography and Photojournalism. University of Westminster. London. I also wanted to say thank you for supporting me as my tutorand as my friend. Thank you for always believing in me.”

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