Documentary Photography Workshops

Photo Credit: Cailin Edwards. Gulf War Ticker Tape Victory Parade up Broadway New York

Documentary and Photojournalism Photography Workshops 2019/2020 offers a unique opportunity to study with Cailin Edwards, formerly Ben Edwards and course Director of MA Documentary Photography and Photojournalism, University of Westminster, London.  Workshops are offered in Street Photography, documentary photography, Photojournalism, Landscape, studio life studies, and Portraiture. These Photographic workshops are designed for dedicated novices or the more experienced. We offer you the unique opportunity to explore your photographic creative potential and to engage in your passion for Black and White film Photography. Our photographic courses are interactive exciting and explorative. With virtually individual tuition you will take your camera out on the streets and learn professional techniques, or enhance your practice that will enable you to anticipate, compose and capture those ‘decisive moments’.

Cailin is currently training at the Metanoia in Person-Centred Therapy and works with the LGBTQ+ community and voulnteerrs as a telephone counsellor for NSPCC. We welcome inquiries from everyone, with the possibility of inclusive workshops.

Our Landscape photography Short courses will enable you to explore different approaches to urban, and the natural landscape as well as exploring the possibilities of medium and large format film photography.

In our fully equipped professional studio, you will learn how to use medium and large format film cameras, to professionally light and compose the model,  for Life studies and Portraiture.

Experience the magic of developing your own black & white film; 35mm 120 roll film or 4 x 5 sheet film, and Printing your own Black and White contact sheets images.

Our ethos is that by paying attention to your requirements and offering intensive short photographic courses and workshops exclusively for two participants per workshop, it is possible to improve your photographic practice. These workshops provide the opportunity for you to learn further photographic skills, immerse yourself in your passion for film photography and create better images with informed knowledge; see the possibilities that these workshops can be a pathway to Undergraduate or Post Graduate degrees, possibly leading to a change of career or other advanced photographic qualifications.

For students, recent graduates and dedicated amateurs I offer, online tutelage and individual/group sessions at concessionary rates for; mentoring, portfolio reviews, workshops and hire charges please contact Cailin for these rates.

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