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Photographic Documentary Workshops

Er Productions Ltd, and Photographicworkshopslondon.com is proud to announce this unique opportunity to offer bespoke analog and digital photographic documentary and studio workshops:

  • A starters photography workshop
  • Documentary photography
  • Street photography
  • Photojournalism
  • Landscape photography
  • Studio lighting: life, nude and portrait photography

There will be limited starter photography workshops throughout the year.

In general, these workshops are intended for those who have some photographic experience and who wish to become more engaged with their photographic practice.

The analog workshops will be in Black and white only and following the tradition of the documentary and photojournalists. Depending on the workshop the preferred format will be 35mm or if appropriate medium format 120mm roll film or 4 x 5 large format. The workshops will include sessions in processing, contact sheet and proof printing.

(For further information, please see workshop descriptors)


Workshops General

The workshops will, in general, be small. Two clients per workshop and conducted at weekends that run from Friday evenings, commencing with a presentation in the studio followed by a three-course supper, in a local family-run Italian restaurant and possibly with a luminary from the world of documentary and photojournalism. The workshops will be for the weekend through to Sunday afternoon finishing with tea and feedback session at 3-30pm. Goodbyes. 4 pm

The analog photographic and printing workshops will be for two students only, offering specialized and unique individual tuition on locations and in our two enlarger darkroom.

Analog cameras from vintage Leica 35mm, Roll film medium format range finder: 6 x 6/6 x 9/ 6 x12 and 4 x5 large format field camera will be available for studio work, and hire for Landscape location workshops only.

The studio is equipped with Bowen’s track glide and ProFoto 7b generators heads all wirelessly operated.

For Street and Photojournalist location work, you will need to have your own analogue camera and lens. Recommended Lens: 50mm, 90mm, or zoom

All Black and White film; Kodak Tri-X 35mm & 120mm and photographic resin-coated multi-grade printing paper is available to purchase.

Use of the darkroom and chemicals are included in the course costs.

(Once you have completed the analog black and white and or studio workshops, you will be able to hire darkroom and or studio)

All workshops will have a follow-up session that is included in the workshop fees. These will be on a weekend to be arranged.  The location will be here. If there is enough interest I can organize possibly some future gallery and studio visits to other photographers. There will be a supplementary charge for this, but no charge for the follow-up sessions. 
The rationale behind these follow up sessions is to stimulate further projects that you might have been working on and to create a community that can encourage dialogue amongst yourselves and inspire each other.



There are many good B&B’s and local hotels. See list under accommodation.

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